our studio

redstable is a multidisciplinary interior design studio founded  by two friends in 2004. 

drawing on over 20 years of freelance interior design experience, we are able to pass on our skills
and knowledge through our design projects as well as by lecturing & teaching design to the new generations.

our skills turn clients’ dreams into functional, timeless solutions.

our strengths lie in providing creative, uncomplicated, personal interiors.

based in the ‘mother city’ cape town – our mission is rooted in supporting southern african design, artisans and manufacturers.


Laura is an ace with colour, ergonomic problem solving, traditional freehand sketching and colour marker rendering.

When not in the studio she can be found rambling on the Sea Point promenade or with her nose in a book.

Laura has a fondness for all things navy blue.

contact laura hiddleston on +27 83 964 1756  


Sue takes on the deadlines, budgets and number-crunching.

When not consulting her calculator and timelines,
she is happiest trawling the local industrial areas & creative studios for fabulous new (or old) south african products and their makers.

Although willing to draw under duress, Sue specializes in procurement, project administration and project management.

contact sue hudson on +27 82 670 5418