family home

This open plan kitchen and living area was a fantastic collaboration and show of trust between the client and design team.

French oak flooring was an excellent investment and their willingness to go for bold, black-stained veneer joinery in the kitchen, set the tone for a classic and sophisticated look.

Our greatest satisfaction is derived from finding a balance between timeless design that is practical and hard wearing, especially in a room like this that is continuously filled with children, dogs, baking and family activity, as the lounge area leads out on to the pool patio….

The walls throughout and glass splashback in the kitchen were kept neutral to allow for beautiful patterned fabrics – all of which needed to work with the handmade fireplace tiles sourced and purchased with great care by the client on one of her holidays.

contemporary arts & crafts

a historic Rondebosch cottage received a classic face-lift.
the original suspended timber floor was refurbished and offset beautifully against a neutral colour palette.
there was absolutely no storage in the original house and the kitchen and living-area joinery was designed in a subtle, classic off-white shaker style.
a new big window was added to bring in natural light and show off the clients collection of ceramics and glassware.

bathing beauties

an en-suite bathroom designed for a busy young lady.  
we had a lot of fun with this tight space, using vinyl flooring and a reclaimed timber barn door to soften the hard finishes of tiles and mirror…..
the baby blue spanish tiles were laid in herringbone style for the splashback and shower feature walls, 
creating a beautiful geometry of the wall and floor tiles.  
funky locally produced accessories & custom oak veneer vanity unit with mirror doors, 
make short work of the tight space.

jungle fever

nature’s tonic

this en-suite bathroom revamp, for a very busy working and sporty couple, had an existing cement vanity and a chaotic mix of travertine tiled ledges and steps….

we opted to keep the cement structure and bring a sense of calm by cladding it in beautiful green spanish tiles, offset with oak veneer doors.

the custom-built wall unit received an interior charging station for toothbrushes and shavers and is fronted with mirror doors.

LED under shelf lighting works really well as both a night-light and task light.

work from home

the story of study

the brief for this design was to create a family office in an unused area straddling the living room and bedrooms…

the first challenge was to bring in light and apart from changing the colour scheme, the best investment was to install a sky window for natural light.

with super high ceilings, new joinery would cost a bomb and custom designed hand-painted supawood doors in a classic shaker style did the trick.

the transformation was hugely successful and the once pokey corner is now an organized hub of activity and storage.